The Numberjacks Are On Their Way...

I'm so excited. I'll get straight to the point.
I am taking Charles to the theatre for the first time tomorrow to see NumberJacks Live.
I simply cannot wait.
Part of me is nervous, that he won't behave. Won't sit on his seat (I imagine he will sit on my lap as he is scared of those fold down seats). Worried he'll be so distracted by the children around him.
We're in the second row, close to the middle. Something I'm now expecting to be a mistake on my part. Should I of asked to be on the end so we can make a quick getaway should his behaviour let me down?
Not that I think a quick getaway would be possible. I expect we would experience a full on tantrum if I tried to remove him from the room.

I'm also hoping no children around us have chocolate or sweets. I fear a major meltdown if they do and I don't supply some myself. I also am not totally keen on having my child sit through a theatre show and stuffing his face with sweets.
Although sadly I fear this is unavoidable and dinner will be well and truly ruined! (4pm show)

Before I had children I visited the theatre regularly with my mum. We'd see a variety of shows, comedy, drama, thriller, musicals. And it is something I miss.
As a child we would visit the Pantomime a a family, around Christmas and this was something I desperately hoped I would do with my children and really look forward to being able to do it.
Tomorrow will be the test to seeing if Charles is up to visiting the Pantomime this year too.

I personally am not a fan of Numberjacks. I find them quite annoying (sorry Writers of Numberjacks) but I am hoping I can use them to aid Charles' development.
(I would much rather be going to see Show Me Show Me!)
He loves them too and informed me yesterday that "We're going to see Numberjacks Mummy" "yes we are, on Friday" "yes, my very excited".

For the past 4 months I haven't had a solo trip with just me and Charles so I'm very much looking forward to spending some quality time with him.
I can't quite believe I feel a bit nervous about having that time just the two of us. Not in a "will be behave" kind of way, but in a nervous excitement way.
Butterflies in your tummy nervous excitement.

The Numberjacks are on their way....
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