Presents for the Elves?

Carrots for the Reindeer? Check!
Mince Pies for Santa? Check!
Whiskey for Santa? No, Port will do.
Presents for the Elves? Not yet!

When we watch Polar Express Charles is always interested in the Elves. I've explained to him that the Elves help Father Christmas to get the presents ready, wrapped and tagged and into his sack and on the sleigh. Those Elves work very hard and don't seem to be included in the tradition of treats.

So, this morning after we've eaten the remaining chocolate from each of our advent calenders we will be melting down some chocolate and refilling the advent calender trays.
This will then be placed in the fridge until around 8 o clock tonight when we will remove them from the trays and leave them out with a note to Santa asking him to give the chocolates to his hard working helpers.
In some trays we are going to sprinkle some 100's and 1000's, others will have chopped hazelnuts and another will have coconut.

Even if not left out for the Elves, these chocolates are great for a cheeky snack whilst opening presents or for something to offer guests in your home over Christmas.
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