To Visit or Not?

Everytime Charles see's a photo, picture, decoration or programme featuring Father Christmas his eyes light up.
"Mummy mummy its Father Christmas! Look mummy LOOK!"

This year is his first year of understanding Father Christmas. He's taken it all in and understands exactly what Father Christmas does.

For this first Christmas 2 years ago I attempted to take him to see Santa.
I was left highly disappointed when, whilst the garden centre looking at the decorations before we headed to Grotto, I spotted Santa walking around.
He was the opposite to what Santa should be.
Short beard.
And a high pitched voice.
He was more like an elf.
With that I decided we'd miss out that year as I wanted it to be so special. It was for the photo opportunity more than anything and I wasn't going to pay £5 to have our photo taken with a fraud!

Then last year we ummed and ahhed and decided one again to give it a miss. For the same reasons as before really.
Another main problem of mine is/was/is that I want a photo of Charles on Santas knee. Yet I can't. Because he's not allowed.
I don't want MY photo taken with Santa. I want HIS photo taken with Santa.
I want to find a decent Santa.
Stick my son(s) on his lap.
Photo taken.
Bye Santa, see you on the 24th or 25th.

This year we are left with a new dilemma. Charles is old enough to understand.
Old enough to stand in front of Father Christmas and have his photo taken.
Old enough to tell him which gifts he'd like for Christmas.
He's also old enough to not actually like Santa and create embarrassment when he decides he "wants to go home now" or "doesn't like it no no".
I also can't see how we make it clear to him that he won't be getting the presents he's asked for there and then.
I can't just imagine him getting upset and asking where his train track, rocket, boat and bike is.
On the other hand...he might understand and be fine and love it.

So do we go or not? (Assuming can find a decent one of course!)
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