Under Our Tree: Gifts for our Boys!

We've been teaching Charles about Father Christmas for around a month now, if not more, and he's really taken in the whole magic of this wonderful man who rides in a sleigh pulled by Reindeer and who leaves presents he's actually asked for under the tree.
He's been fascinated by trees and lights since his first Christmas 2 years ago, when he was only 6 months old.
He knows that tree's tend to have a star on top and notices if it doesn't.

My sister in law got married around this time last year. There was a huge Christmas tree in the room and after sleeping during the ceremony Charles woke up as photos were being taken and proudly said "STAR"...followed by a ripple of "awwww's" by the ceremony guests.

So Saturday night we put up our decorations! Or as Charles calls them our "Christmasations".
 Except this year one thing will be missing.
Can you believe that last year I was able to put the presents under the tree and they were untouched by a normally inquisitive 18 month old boy.

This year the presents will be under the tree Christmas Eve night, again once Charles has gone to bed.

But what will he find under there?

I've seen various Christmas Gift Guide blog posts and I guess, in a way, this is mine but its a bit more "realistic" in that these presents are bought and wrapped already.
Nb: no companies have asked me to add their product etc. This is done through choice.

Main present: * Brio train set. He asks Father Christmas, very politely, for this everyday. Although mummy and daddy are buying it, not Father Christmas. (From Amazon)
* Toy Story Rex Hoodie (from M&S)
* Cars 2 Art Carry Case (from Argos)
* Play Doh Value Set (from Argos)
* Toy Story Boxset (trying to find a good deal)
* Toy Story activity pack (from Matalan)
* Peppa Pig Recorder (from Matalan)
* Dinosaur Jigsaw (99p from the Garden Centre)
* Small Toy Story Characters: Slinky and Rex (from the local garden centre)

From Father Christmas (Stocking Fillers):
* Gruffalo Toothbrush (from Boots)
* Iggle Piggle bath wash mitt (from Boots)
* Big tube of Smarties [achem X's 2] (from Boots)
* Cars 2 Poster (free with carry case, from Argos)

From other people (that I know of):
*My Mum: Playmobil Noahs Ark (from Toys R Us), Gruffalo Backpack (from an independent store), Gruffalo pencil case, socks
* My Dad: Happyland Lights and Sounds Rocket (from Argos)
* My Aunty & Uncle: Big Green Tractor and trailor (£10 from Mothercare)
* From his Girlfriend: WOW toys! Motorbike Max (from Argos)
* Mother in law: Cars 2 dvd (hopefully)
* Iggle Piggle Plush toy (from Argos) (hopefully)

And for Harry:
* Fisher Price Amazing Animals Choo-choo train (Have purchased yet but probably from Argos)
* Big Dalmation teddy he couldn't stop smiling at (from Matalan)
* My Pal Scout (from Argos)

From Father Christmas:
* My first Hammer (from Asda)

From others (again that I know about):
* My mum: Light projector and lullabies (from Mothercare), stacking cups (from Mothercare) My Discovery House (from Mothercare) Ocean Spin (from Toys R Us), Bibs
* My dad: a winkel (from Amazon) Brights hoopy cow (from Mothercare)
* Aunty and Uncle: Pop up animals (from Mothercare)
* His Godmother (Charlies Girlfriends mum) Lullaby Gloworm (from Argos)
* Mother in law: (hopefully) sleepsuits and Sophie la Giraffe (from Mothercare)
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