Always MY Stuff!

I'm starting to think that I am destined to not own any nice clothes, boots or bags.

If ever the washing machine decided to chew up any clothes they would be MY clothes.
If ever the washing machine decided to add a little grease or oil to the clothes, they would be MY clothes.
If ever the cat decided to scratch at anything in the house it would be MY expensive boots or the expensive rug I treated us too out of money given to me by my nan.
If ever the cat wanted to poo on anything to would be one of MY bags, and would add a wee into the mix too.
If ever the cat decided to wee on any clothes they would be MINE!

Today I have spotted a big wet patch on my lovely new Uggs. I was so busy sorting out the boys last night after getting home late from the circus that I forgot to put my boots in the hallway. I'd kicked them off in the lounge in a hurry whilst I got comfy to feed Harry and sorted out Charles' dinner. (multi tasking at its best!)
The cat has a litter tray so my only conclusion is that she has expensive taste and would rather pee on something covered in £ signs that my husbands tatty fallen-to-bits trainers which cost a total of £12.
Last year she did the same. My husband treated me to an £80 pair of boots. I'd already had bad luck with the boots after they split within 2 weeks but was able to exchange them. Then Jasmine decides that they need a lovely patch of cat urine stained onto them.

Last night its clear that she quite carefully CHOSE to wee on my Uggs rather than just on the floor, on the rug, on Harrys playmat, on the cushion, on the change mat...or god forbid IN HER LITTER TRAY!!
I've tried cleaning them and hope to god that they are saved...but I doubt it.
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