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For the past 4 years I have attempted a Photo a Day project. Each year for some reason or another I have failed.
Two years ago was my best attempt and I found it a huge help in overcoming my anxiety.
I first started with "just" my point and shoot then my husband very kindly treated me to a DSLR. The pack came with two lens' and I've since added to the lens collection by buying a 50mm from a photographer friend.

 Last year was an epic fail. Morning sickness ruled my life a lot as did hurty hips and pregnancy tiredness. As well as wanting to spend extra quality time with Charles.
I still took photos but didn't even complete month one of the project. My head just wasn't in it and it felt like too much of a chore than a hobby as I put too much pressure on myself.
The arrival of Harry made me want to pick up my camera more but for one reason or another (time, low battery, lost SD cards, broken laptop and ease of just using my phones camera!!) my camera became quite neglected.
This year I have vowed to change. I need to document Harrys first year of life just as much as I did Charles' and what better way of doing so than to to restart my Photo a Day project.
 I needed to relight my creative flame and get back into seeing an opportunity to pick up my camera and *SNAP* and be able to get the inspiration to edit photos again.
I remember the first time I got my DSLR.
The world looked so different.
Things I wouldn't normally find pretty, I now did.
Things I wouldn't normally notice, I now did.

I used to upload my photos to Flickr but as my account needs to be upgraded it seemed easier to document on the blog I set up specifically for photos last year. I've given it a new name but still included the photos from last year. As inspiration to pull my finger out and do much better than those poor attempts. 
My mojo is back.
As well as my Photo a Day project I'm also going to include other pieces of photography from the past which I'd like to share. Pieces I'm really proud of. Including a few things I did "professionally"...one being a friends wedding and another for a friends business.

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