The Gallery: Phone Photo

I haven't taken part in The Gallery for a long time. Due to my laptop being down mostly.
I miss it (my laptop and The Gallery) so am rejoining in time for the first one after the Christmas/New Year Break.

Over the holidays I confess I put my fancy camera down and tended to just use my camera phone.
I love and adore the Instagram app and the wonderful filters you can add to your picture to give it a whole new feel. AND it allows you to send your photos directly to Twitter or Facebook.
I've also been trying out Vintage Cam which also allows you to add lovely effects to your snap.

And so, this week's theme is: Phone Photos.

The only rule is you have to have taken it on your phone. Doesn't matter what app you use.
Camera phones have moved on so much and I've seen some quite stunning photos from these little in-your-pocket devices!
So there is never any excuse for now snapping whenever you're out and about.

I take a ridiculous amount of photos on my phone everyday....mostly of the boys of course.
The first photos of Harry were taken on my phone.
I could include so many photos for this theme but am going to be strict with myself.
When I saw the theme there was one photo in particular that I thought of, immediately. Its one of my favourite photos I've ever taken.
It was taken in Summer 2010 in our garden. It was after Charles' birthday as this bench was his gift from one of his nannies so must've been July or August as it was a late present.
My garden also looks quite green and bright in this photo! Always a good thing.

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