Things To Do Before I'm 40

Over a week ago was tagged by Not My Year Off in a post which was thought up originally by Two Point Four Children.

Ok I'm only 26 now and I could make this a things to do before I'm 30 list but it would be either extremely boring or totally unachieveable.

1: Take the boys to Disneyland Paris.
Ideally I want to do this in 4 years time to celebrate my 30th, my husbands 40th and our 10 year wedding anniversary (we honeymooned at Disneyland.

2: Take the boys on a Mediterranean Cruise.
I'd like to have a wedding blessing on a cruise ship.

3: Go on a boat trip leaving from the North Norfolk coast going out to see the seals.

4: Take the boys to Tenerife and go on a boat trip to see dolphins.

5: Go for a trip on a Hovercraft.

6: Lose weight and be happy with my body.

7: Become a breastfeeding peer supporter or similar.

8: Visit most of/all of the towns on the Norfolk/Suffolk coast.

9: Raise money for charity.

10: Kick anxiety in the bum and overcome it or learn to deal with it.

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