Vintage Threads

The super lovely mum2babyinsomniac has tagged me in a posted entitled Vintage Threads. The idea started at motherventing as she shared an item of clothing which remained in her wardrobe/bedroom drawers for years.
What do you have in your wardrobe that could safely be described as fossilised? Take a photo, tell me a story, and tag other folk (if you want to know what’s in their closet, that is).
I posted recently about my beloved Emu boots.
I bought them back in summer, yes summer 2007. They were worn almost everyday. So comfy and went with almost every outfit. My daily "casual uniform" mostly consisted of Emu boots and thick black tights, and in 2008, when I discovered leggings, I then wore tunics, leggings and Emus when I wasn't wearing my thick black tights and short denim skirt!
Sadly these shoes just couldn't remain in my life any longer as they had become so tatty and were bitten at by a dog and ended up with a hole...I'm also sure these were pee'd on by at a cat at some point too.
I planned to save them and just use them in the garden but found temptation too much and wore them out still.
Enough was enough and I was starting to look to chavvy in these tatty, once expensive, boots and I made myself throw them away,
*SIGH* Bye bye boots.
On a better note, these have now been replaced with equally as lovely and comfy Blue Ugg boots
 which I also hope last as long (well longer!).

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