What's the deal 2012?!

We're only 5 days into 2012 and so far, no good!
Maybe my previous statements of not being keen on knew year have resulted in the year biting me on the bum but come on....give us a break please!

End of 2011 we had to pay out for a new washing machine and a not so cheap new clutch on my husbands car.
We also finally purchased some new leather sofas, which we should have done 3 years ago rather than wasting time with the second hand ones we started off with and then the ones we have now. The sofas aren't here yet, we have to wait until March(ish!) but we are so desperate to have them and cannot wait for them to arrive.
Not to mention the expense of Christmas!
Oh and don't forget our laptop deciding to not work properly anymore and leaving me with limited computer use....not good when you blog and need to do a weekly grocery order!

As previously posted we have all been suffering with terrible colds which didn't make Christmas as enjoyable as we'd of liked and annoyingly the virus still has hold on all of us.
So not the best start to 2012 with us being poorly.

Add to that the fact that my car seems to have a problem with either the clutch, gearbox or the pedals and therefore is undriveable at the moment and we are housebound.

Right so that's colds, car and things happen in 3's right?

So after coming home from a nightmare car trip just to get a takeaway when I realised that car was completely trashed I found my husband in the kitchen mopping up water.
Leak in the kitchen on a bank holiday Monday? GREAT!
Thankfully Homeserve were able to help and sent a plumber out to us at 9pm and within 5 minutes all was sorted.

1- colds
2- car
3- kitchen leak

That's the three things right? Nothing else can happen can it? Surely?

4.30pm. Yesterday. I walk in the kitchen and....
There's a puddle.
The dishwasher is leaking.
After my husband has finished his bath he checks and a pipe from the dishwasher has split.
He tried to fix it with a replacement pipe but it continued to flood our kitchen.
We knew the dishwasher would need replacing at some point this year but not so soon.
Why couldn't we have had a holiday first?

So straight away we get on the Internet and order a new dishwasher.
It arrives on Sunday (hopefully!)

Bad luck for the year, all done!

10.30pm yesterday.
Husband goes to bed.
Charles wakes. He's shouting for a drink. I take it upstairs and notice his bed is wet. Although he has been in pants daily for over 2 and a half weeks now he's still in a nappy at night.
So I thought his nappy must've just leaked.
I checked his trousers and yes they were wet.
Ok, easily sorted. Just change the bed and his pyjamas and get him back to sleep.
He was quite upset so I went to give him a cuddle and realised the back of his top was wet.
How would the wee get up there? As well as all over the bed and all over his trousers.
I smelt my hand.
Overwhelming stench of cat wee. (My sense of smell is reduced because of this stupid cold so couldn't smell the cat wee upon entering his room)
I smelt his bed sheet and could smell the cat wee there.
I got him undressed and we had a chat.
I discovered that the cat had gone into his room and went onto his bed.
"I had a Jasmine cuggle" he told me.
We can't work out why she would've wee'd on his bed. If she was distressed she would've either scratched him, made a lot of noise and run away. Surely not of just wee'd....on him!

He ended up in bed with his daddy due to not being able to sleep on his mattress.
After a tough nights sleep after he seemed to be scared of something....we're not sure what. It's not the cat as he's still saying she's lovely and we're not sure he's even aware that she did wee on him!

Off he went to the childminders this morning and for the first time he wasn't keen on going in and cried for his daddy. Thank goodness it wasn't me who dropped him off, I'd have brought him back home again.

2012....please get better!!

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