Mirena Coil: Week One.

So a week and a day has passed since I had the Mirena Coil fitted.
I was originally going to post an update after 2 weeks but it seems to make more sense posting weekly in the beginning.
As I said in my previous post I was shocked by how many negative experiences are posted on the internet about these kinds of things and I struggled to find any positive experiences. As a result I want to regularly update with how I am getting on with the coil.

So the Friday of having it fitted I suffered with a bit of heavy bleeding but it was pretty much gone by the evening which was fantastic.
The period pains were quite intense in the morning, almost like early labour pains, and were a dull ache by the afternoon. I guess it felt as though I had pulled a muscle or had been exercising and was achy because of that (best way to describe it I think)
It wasn't too unpleasant and I didn't even notice it if I busied myself with something and didn't think about it.
I had no bleeding at all until spotting started yesterday afternoon. Today its almost like a constant light bleed.

Pains haven't been unbearably bad over the last week but have definitely been apparent. Mostly just like a dull ache or light period pain. Again only noticeable if I think about it or am not preoccupied with something else.

My husband thinks I've been grumpy with it but I'm just generally grumpy at the moment anyway (due to the snow stopping us from getting out and about so much!)

My appetite has been fine. A lot of reviews I read on the internet stated that weight gain was common and this was one of the main complaints!
It couldn't be any different in my case. My appetite has dropped slightly and I have lost around 4lbs! I have been consciously cutting down on food portions anyway but this has certainly helped I'm sure.
My husband and mum have noticed a difference in my shape (little bit off my tummy and face) so its a great start!

So a week in and I'd say my experience so far has been easy and positive. I've certainly forgotten about the pain and how uncomfortable it felt having the coil inserted (when I say uncomfortable I mean about someone having such a rummage in your bits without then pulling a baby out!!)
So far, no regrets.
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