Why Do Flamingos Stand On One Leg?

With nice weather, no illnesses and a working car, we finally headed to the zoo yesterday.
I used my birthday money last year to buy a season ticket so we can just pop there whenever we like. Even if its just for an hour.

Charles knows the zoo pretty well now and knows where all the animals are and we tend to have a set route we go on each time we visit.

Yesterday was the first time Charles really asked about some of the animals. The ones we don't normally notice.
At times I found that I didn't know the answer.
Lemurs were simply monkeys.
Anything that looked at all like deer, was a deer.
I found myself, as always, feeling guilty that I never give these animals any attention. I never stop and look at them.
So this time we did.
Although yesterday Charles decided to correct me with each animal. A Bongo Antelope was a Kangaroo, as was a wild cat, and an owl was a cat.

Since having children, well since Charles has been aware of animals and zoos, I've found that I've paid more attention to the information boards, to the "less interesting" animals.
I also really pay attention to what the train driver says as we tour the park.

We stood and stared at the Flamingos. A new feature to the enclosure are full length mirrors. I immediately looked on the information board to see if they stated why these mirrors were there.
The only information I couldn't find was:
"Why do Flamingos stand on one leg?"
I came home and Googled.
Seriously Google, you let me down!!

So, why DO Flamingos stand on one leg?
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