Charles: The Daddy

 Today Charles decided he wanted to be pregnant. We stuffed a cuddly snowman up his top and after 5 minutes he pushed his baby out.
We cuddled it, he breastfed it, and comforted it to sleep.

This evening the game has continued. Charles refers to the snowman as 'our baby' but I explained that I must be the babies nanny if Charles is his daddy.

We did all things that needed to be done.
Breastfed it. Changed its nappy (apparently it had done a stinky poo) and rocked it to sleep. Charles laid it on the sofa and joined me in the kitchen.
*sigh* "our baby is asleep now mummy" He told me
"Oh that's good. You are such a good daddy"
"Yes, my AM a good daddy. Oh our baby is crying again. My need to get him to sleep again"
Charles ran into the lounge and rocked his baby again. He set him down to sleep then told me that the baby needed to play. They played for a little bit and then the baby had fallen asleep again.
"He's got to come into bed with me tonight mummy" he told me, despite it actually being Harry's teddy.
We discussed that the baby may wake up in the night and need feeding, which he said was ok, and that if the baby is crying then he needs to wake up and deal with it, again he said this was ok.

I asked Charles what he thinks is the most challenging thing about being a parent.
His reply:
"Looking after my baby"
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