{Flashback Friday}

I'll never forget my job at Boots. I loved working there and had an amazing boss.
I was in charge of remerchandising and promotions and loved my job.
I always helped my boss when we had staff parties in the canteen.
For Christmas 2005 I somehow became the person to plan the night out. It was very stressful trying to find something everybody liked and was happy with so  opted for a meal at a local pub/restaurant then if people wanted to they could go to the nightclub next door afterwards.
It was a good night but some of the team let us down by throwing food and being rude to the pub staff so I didn't plan anymore nights out, other than my leaving meal.

These are photos of me and a girl I became close with, and am still in touch with, at the Christmas Party.

I love my hair in these photos and this makes me wish I'd never cut it or decided to go a touch darker!

These ones are from my leaving meal.
The lady in the bottom photo was like my surrogate mum. In fact a couple of times customers thought we were mother and daughter.

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