Home {Flashback Friday}

The uber lovely Emma from A Matter of Choice has taken over the weekly Friday link up Flashback Friday. This week we've been given a theme. Home.
I wanted to join but was short for time when I visited my mums yesterday and didn't get the chance. Emma has let me off and said I can post this instead. It's an alternative flashback friday.
Back in 2007 we decided to start househunting back home, in Lowestoft. We'd been living in St Neots for a couple of years after moving there due to my husbands job. We had to keep the move quiet at first due to my husbands job. We found a house we loved straight away and it was a bargain!...well still pricey but we got a lot for our money.
At the time Myspace was the place to be and I took full advantage of the blog facility. I looked at my page this morning and found this post on my blog. Excuse my spelling mistakes and "chavviness". I have photos of the outside of the house on that page but don't want to place them so publicly here.

25 Mar 2007
I love being a wife and being an adult!!!.....
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Buying a house is so much fun, Ok it's stressful with the paper work and searches etc but that's why you pay solicitors LOADS of money-to sort out the problems.
I've been having loads of fun choosing which colour we should have the walls in each room, I've now made myself in charge of decorating the two spare bedrooms and have been getting photos which I will put in one of the rooms.
I would say how I'm going to decorate it but tis a secret and I dont want people to copy!! so there!!

Today we've bought our garden furniture....yay yay yay!! We will have a garden!! And we even bought a parasol for it! lol

I think we could even have found our bed!! Kingsize too ;-D A double seems so small! Although with a mattress its going to cost about £600 so we need to find a cheap but really decent hard mattress. Next will be to find some bedroom furniture. And I need to find some photo frames for all of the many photos I have had enlarged and the I have edited to make them black and white. AND for the 5 'official' wedding photos I have ordered from the photographer.

Also wondering about getting a smaller dining room table, the one we have now is a nice table but it is quite big, Jonathans dad made it so we want to keep it and it comes apart easily so would be ok for storage. So we could keep that in the garage and then put it outside when we have a bbq or put it in the conservatory when we are having a few people around for a meal. We are going to be using the conservatory as our dining room so if we get a smaller table we will have room for the table and the conservatory furniture which we are getting from Jonathans dad and step mum. But thats not a main priority-just an idea!
3 bedrooms, a detached garage, room for 3 cars, nice big garden, quiet close, views of fields from our bedroom window-which will probably change in the next few years!!, conservatory, really nice kitchen....and it'll be OURS this FRIDAY...fingers crossed!! BRING ON THE GROWN-UP-NESS!!!!

Now, whilst I go and cringe in the corner, you go and look at the other Flashback Friday entries and have a good ol' nose around other peoples houses. FlashbackFriday