Late Night Conversations {1}


Charles: Harry is bigger than me
Me: He might be soon. If you eat all your dinner everynight then you'll be bigger than him.
Charles: [excited] Yeeeah!
Me: But you'll always be his big brother won't you
Him: Yeah. My love him [Charles hugs Harry] My love him mummy. My love him.
Me: I know you do. He'll always be your baby brother won't he?
Charles: Yeeeah. [Stands up] I'm bigger than him. My love him so much [sits down to hug Harry]
Me: You are at the moment yes. He's still just a baby.
Charles: He has a bigger belly than me. My love him.
Me: Well yes he does.
Charles: [lifts up his top]
Me: Wow! Look at the size of that!
Charles: There is cake [yorkshire pudding] in there. And trees [broccoli] and leaves [cabbage]!
Me! Wow! You sound a bit like a giraffe.
Charles: Yes, my do. They do eat that, don't they?
Me: Yes. When we go to the zoo tomorrow you say "look giraffe! I have got some leaves and trees in my tummy too." And then show them your giraffe neck.
Charles: Yes.
Me: Now go to sleep. Then you can say to the lions "you can't eat me because I went to sleep last night".
Charles: Yes. And they won't eat me because my tummy will get smaller [onernight]
Both: Night night, love you. [Kiss]
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