Mums {Flashback Friday}

With Mothers Day upon us once again on Sunday, Emma from A Matter of Choice has chosen our Flashback Friday post to be about our mums.

As it happens I found some old photos at my mums recently when I was having a nose whilst she was on holiday.
I've borrowed/stolen photos of her when she was 16/17 and also some photos of my nan and great nan.

My mum has hardly changed and still almost looks the same.
My big nanny (my mums mum) hasn't changed either and sadly we lost my little nanny (my mums, mums, mum) in 1994.

Facts about them:
My mum breastfed me and my twin brother for 7 months. It basically controlled h life but she loved it and only stopped because of a tummy bug made her mlk dry p. I don't look much like her, I look more like my aunty (her sister).
My nanny is possibly the only person in the world with the name Delga.
She fell over at my wedding and ended up with a broken hip, wrist and pelvis.
She used to be an Opera Singer.
My great nanny is our link to Gypsys. We believe that her dad was one.
I wear her Rose Gold wedding ring on my right hand, middle finger.

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