My Mothers Day

I've made no secret before about how Mothers Day isn't hugely important to me. I love being appreciated and being told "We love you. You are a great mummy" but I don't like the fact that the boys, infact all sons and daughters, are TOLD you MUST make a fuss of your mum today. I'd rather the boys do it because they want to, rather than feeling forced to.
Mothers Day also falls around my husbands birthday and in the past Mothers Day has seemed more important than my husbands birthday. And it annoys me greatly.
To me, a birthday is a proper celebration. Mothers Day is almost like Valentines Day. Birthdays are proper celebrations, Mothers Day is way down the list of important celebrations, in my eyes.

I'd much rather be told how amazing I am on a random day, when I don't expect it.

So we change the rules a little bit.
My husband buys me a present from the boys and gives it to me either a couple of days before, or after Official Mothers Day.
Last year I was surprised with a 'C' charm for my Pandora bracelet. It was the Friday before Mothers Day and I had just been for a haircut and the boys headed into town to buy a stool for the bathroom. We got back to the car, removed Charles from the pushchair and as my husband loaded the car up Charles ran over to me and handed me a Pandora bag. In the middle of a [quiet] car park and a surprise gift, it was the perfect Mothers Day gift for me.
My husband then cooked on the Sunday and we visited a local pub for a drink and had a walk to the park.

This year we went to a garden centre the day before Mothers Day and picked out a lovely bird table for my present. It was a bargain at £14.99 and has triggered what could be a new obsession for me...bird tables, statues and ornaments in the garden....finally sorting out the border I didn't really know what to do with!

On the Sunday, I  was presented with a gorgeous card from both of the boys. Although all feeling a bit poorly, we all visited Southwold due to me deciding I needed to treat myself to a nice necklace which Harry wouldn't be able to pull on and break.
We stopped for a Mocha and cake and then made our way to Morrisons to buy the bits for my chosen husband cooked meal, roast beef and all the trimmings.

I ended up having a fantastic day. My first Mothers Day as a mummy of two.




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