My Week That Was {1}

One of the challenging things about being a stay at home mum is keeping life exciting for your children. Over winter days can get stuck in a loop and we're constantly on a "get up, play, lunch, play, dinner, bed, get up, play..." routine.
I thought that by joining in with the weekly "My Week That Was" link up, hosted by Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three it would encourage me to get out more and do some more exciting things with the boys.
Monday: My mum came over in the morning and left at 12 to go to work. Thanks to my season ticket I took the boys to the zoo in the afternoon. We normally have a particular route that we walk but today we decided to go a different way which was lovely.

Tuesday: My mum came over again in the morning but this time to look after the boys whilst I went for my appointment. She left at 12 at go to work. Harry had quite a long nap today so Charles and I watched lots of Mister Maker then once, Harry woke up, we all played in the garden and moved the rabbit hutch to the other side of the garden so our patio is clear ready for the summer.

Wednesday: Charles goes to the childminders on a Wednesday morning so I have my Desperate Housewives catch up whilst cuddling/feeding Harry. We'd woken up an hour and a half earlier than usual so Harry napped in the morning and I was able to catch up on some laundry whilst watching the Glee episode featuring Ricky Martin!
Normally I drive to collect Charles but with the weather being so lovely I decided to stick Harry in the pushchair and we walked to meet him.
The walk back was really lovely, we talked, Charles pushed Harry and also picked daisies. Once we had lunch we played in the garden and put the rabbit in his run for this first time this year!

Thursday: We had a productive morning. I did some more laundry, made dinner and we cleared and tidied the lounge, including removing our old sofas to make way for the new ones which were delivered at 12.30.
After rearranging the lounge a few times to make room for our new monster sofas we, again, played in the garden.

Friday: Laundry in the morning, again. Put covers on old suite & waited for Aid and Assist, a local charity, to collect. We spent some time in the garden and got the rabbit into his run again. My dad popped round in his lunch break to measure up a job for us and stayed for lunch and a coffee.
As the weather was so nice and I wanted to get out of the house we went to the beach for 2 hours which also included a trip to the park (which is right next to it). The beach we went to is very special as my husband used to own a flat right on the seafront. Its the same flat we got engaged in. We also had our 'quality time' wedding photos taken here.

Saturday: Yet MORE laundry. Saturdays are normally uneventful for us as my husband works in the morning so we normally just chill out, all share a bath and watch tv. I did sort out Harrys clothes and ended up with a big bag of outfits which are too small. In the afternoon we popped to the supermarket and played at home, and yet again, sorted more (neverending) laundry!

Sunday: I made us all bacon baguettes. We then all got ready and headed out to Norfolk. We went for a lovely long walk around an old Roman Town in Caistor St Edmund.
We popped to the supermarket on the way back to buy some beers and once home had our first bbq of 2012!
My husband then put Charles down to sleep at 6 [5] so last night was...interesting!

That was our week!

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