Pale Green Fingers

When we moved into this house not much really needed to be done to it. It was decorated nicely and was livable.
The only place untouched and a blank canvas was the garden.
We have about 50/50 patio/grass which is nice as it means we get the best of both worlds. We have the area to bbq and place our tables and chairs [patio] and we have the area to place a slide for the boys and play football on [grass].
This would all be great if only we had decent grass. Our grass if FULL of weeds, and at the moment has lots of muddy bald patches despite us not being out there much with it being winter.

The soil is also pants. Its very tough and full of pebbles, rocks and sometimes quite large stones. Only a small variety of plants which I have bought over the years have survived.

Whilst pregnant with Charles I spent most of my nesting days in the garden. Moving around pots, digging holes, laying stones, planting shrubs and then knocking in a small log border along one side.
I had great ideas for this border but once the baby arrived I had no time to get outside.
Two of my favourite plants died due to neglect and the border area never came to anything.
2010 flew past as did 2011 and still this border is uneventful. We did buy 3 large(ish) rocks last year and have spaced them out amongst the shingle but something is missing and I'm not sure what.

I spend most of my time moving pots from here, to there, back here, back there.
Deciding where the bench should live. The boys toys. The bbq. And the bunny.

This year I am determined to get my garden looking how I want so we can relax when we spent time there this summer.

I have an area in the right hand corner which always had awful soil and grass would never grow there. We planted 3 shrubs/trees. One seemed to get diseased last year but the other two are thriving. Getting rid of the diseased shrub left a huge gap which I needed to fill but I couldn't dig it up due to us burying two cats in that area. Instead I have planted a budlia nearby and hope it will grow somewhat 'on the huh' (as my dad would say') and will fill that area.

We've been unlucky with garden furniture before so this year we've decided to just stick to basic chairs...you know the folding £6 picnic type ones? Those. A lot more reliable than the wooden ones we had previously.

As for the rest of my garden. I need inspiration and I need it fast.
I need plants which aren't fussy over the soil they are in. Evergreens in particular as they are my favourite...and are easy to maintain. Something pretty but also plants which look a bit "wild".
I'm hoping the weather stays nice and we have a lovely summer so I can get the garden I need...finally.
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