Toys and Games {Flashback Friday}

It's Friday again, you know what that means right? It means we all meet up over at A Matter Of Choice and share photos and stories from the past. Otherwise known as Flashback Friday.
This week the theme is Toys and Games.

Maybe you as a child with a favourite toy or playing games with siblings / friends or improvised toys - often the best, those made from boxes or other random household objects.    Or even your own children when they were younger?
My mum is poorly so I haven't been able to go to her house and hunt through the old photo albums to find a photo of me as a baby/young child with my favourite toy.
So instead I'll share this photo from 2006.
Afriend of mine who lives in Bury St Edmonds would occasionally travel over for a few hours to see me when I lived in St Neots. She had a young daughter and we'd head into Bedford to go shopping.
This day we went into Woolworths. Having the baby with us was a great excuse to check out the masses of toys that adorned the shelves in this huge store. It always reminded me of when I was little. Whenever we went into town we would go into Woolworths and choose which toys we want for birthdays or Christmas. We'd chose which toys we'd have if we had £10 pocket money, or £20 pocket money or were just very very rich.
Barbies, Polly Pockets, board games, Girls World, Dream Phone and so on.

I'm not sure if there was an event on this day at Woolworths but there was a lot of Lego statues, giant Lego furniture and also giant teddies from cartoons.
I couldn't resist but to cuddle up with Scooby Doo...even though I'm not a fan, he was just too irresistable.

I'd recently had my hair cut short, this was one day it had gone particularly nice, other days it looked like rubbish.