"Where'd it come from?"

Is this a phase every child goes through?
We seem to have so far steered clear of the "why?" "Why mummy?" stage and instead have hit "where'd that come frong?" [Frong = from]

He needs to know who bought him things and the exact shop name.

"Mummy, where'd the rug come frong?"
"Mummy, where'd my train come frong?"
"Where'd you dress come frong?"
"Where'd the milk come frong?"
"Mummy, where did my shoes come frong?"
"Where did Harrys ball come frong?"
"Where did my cup come frong?
"Where'd my sunglasses come frong?"

Try and trick him with the wrong answer and he'll tell you straight away that you are wrong and ask the question again until you answer him correctly.
Its very cute and much less annoying than "why?"

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