Babies {B}

 As soon as you get married, or even engaged, the comments start.
"Oooo baby soon then?"
"Honeymoon baby hey?"

We'd always planned to be married before we had children. Once we were married we decided we wanted to wait around 5 years to have children so we could spend some quality time living as husband and wife.
As it happens baby number one arrived 4 years, 1 month and 22 days after our wedding.
Within no time at all we had the questions again.
"So when is baby number two coming?"
"Will you try for a girl now?"
"Aren't you pregnant yet?"
2 years and 21 days later baby number two was born.
Despite the fact I had a traumatic birth which affected me quite badly, especially at the time, we still had the questions.
"Will you have anymore?"
"Will you try for a girl now?"

Harry's birth has put me off having anymore. Although its not just about the birth, its more of a worry about the possibility of Vasa Praevia again. Although it isn't likely to happen again as its so rare I KNOW that I would constantly worry and not want to leave the house ever.
If Harry's birth was as easy as Charles' then I would definitely want more.
I know I would.

I was 23 when I had Charles and 25 when I had Harry. I do have a worry that in 5 or more years time I may be hit by that dreaded broody stick and want more children.

My main reason for having more babies would simply be to see what each of them looks like. How different they are from each other, or if any of them look exactly the same? Would they all have the same nose? What would a girl look like?

BUT we always said we only want 2 children. I couldn't have 3 because I don't like the odd number, so I'd need to have 4.
And I would only want babies. I wouldn't want 3, 4, 5 teenage boys lazing around.
I would just be one of *those* mums. The ones who just want a baby, and when their baby goes off to school, decides its time for another. I know a couple of these types of mums...I don't want to be one of them.
And I definitely would never try do the "trying for a girl" thing. I have no feelings of missing out due to having two boys and no daughter.

My only other reason for wanting more would be because it breaks my heart that once Harry stops breastfeeding that I won't ever breastfeed again.

So no more babies here.

B for the A-Z blogger challenge- babies, boys, breastfeeding, birth, boobies.

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