...But He's My Perfect Boy...{E}

Since day one we've always had comments about Charles' eyes. Big, beautiful and blue, with the most gorgeous enviable lashes.
For months, in fact the first 18 months, I fought a constant battle.
"She is beautiful"
"Oh thanks, but she's a he"
"Really? With eyes like that he should be a girl!" or "his eyes are too pretty to be a boys"

All comments about his eyes are positive and so lovely, until one day a friend said:
"Eeeew. Get him to stop, he's freaking me out!"
I turned him away from her. I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry on behalf of him but also for the huge amount of hurt she just smacked into my face, over something he can't help.

He has wandering eyes, or lazy eyes.
He can be looking at you totally normally then one, or both, will slowly slip. It can be distracting at times but I would never say its freaky or horrid.

We were referred to the hospital and have so far had 3 appointments. We were originally told we'd have to go once a year but after being quite un cooperative at the last appointment 6 months ago our next one is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Although I'm scared.
We, as his parents, have to decide on whether or not, if necessary, he will wear glasses or have surgery.
We hoped that as he got older his eyes would correct themselves but so far they haven't and we now have a problem in that they hurt when its sunny. I'm not sure quite what that means but the lady we see did tell us to keep an eye (!!) on his reaction when the sun shines and so far he seems to struggle. This means that at times he will have to wear my sunglasses so if you see any photos of him wearing my sunglasses its not for comedy/cute value.

I obviously have fears of putting my baby through surgery. Yes I know that they know what they're doing but I do have a fear that they'll do something wrong and his vision will totally go.
Part of me wonders if its really necessary and part of me wants it fixed before he goes to school as I don't want it to be something that causes him to be bullied.

I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of this problem but I feel guilty that, although I have photos of his eyes when they have gone funny, I don't feel I can share them.
I hate feeling like I have to hide those photos away. But people, adults included, can be cruel and I don't want anyone to be so horrid about my baby.

Last night I Googled for the first time to research possible surgery details and I've found some great information.
Normally I have a rule to not Google just incase I see something I don't like or panic/horror stories but I feel I need to research this as its such a big decision.

When we go back to the hospital in a few weeks we will discuss our options and will ask for information about the operation or of exercises we can do at home to help.

He may be a freak to some but he's my perfect boy...whether he has straight eyes or not.

E for the A-Z Blogger Challenge. Eyes.

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