Charles Says...{C}

I love the age Charles is at right now. Having a proper conversation with him makes my day. Sometimes we'll talk about normal everyday things.
Sometimes we'll talk about things we've done in the past, things we want to d, or talk about people we know.

Or sometimes our conversations will be totally random.

Like today.

Charles: What we got for dinner mumim?
Me: Chicken
Charles. I don't like chicken. It smells yukky. I can't eat my poo. Worms, they don't have eyes or a mouth.

We also discussed how he [apparently] smells Harrys poo's, how I have lovely 'eyebows' [eyebrows] and lovely blue eyes. And that if he moved his bum a little bit whilst he was sat on the toilet, then I could smell his poo.

C for the A-Z blogger challenge. Charles.

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