A Dream Come True {Flashback Friday}

When I was younger I was a huge fan of Peter Andre. I would be the first one dancing to his songs at school discos, pestering the DJ to play Mysterious Girl or Flava.
I'd never miss an episode of whichever childrens tv programme he would appear on as well as TOTP and my mum would record things like This Morning if he was on there.

I was too young to go to any of his concerts, which I didn't mind about as they never really attracted me at the time.

When he came back into the spotlight on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here I was delighted! I hoped he would release an album but again, wasn't bothered about going to a concert.

That was until 2009 when I heard he was coming to UEA Norwich. The UEA is a small venue. I hate places like Wembley or Earls Court because of the big crowds and large spaces, also because of how bad the views can be.
Me and a friend from school, who I'd only been in contact again with for a month, decided to book tickets.

So in March 2010 we went off to the UEA. My heart was beating fast. I'd cried in anticipation for a few days and had had to take beta blockers to keep panic attacks at bay.
I couldn't believe I was going to be in the same room as Peter Andre.

There were a few warm up acts first, including his brother Michael and then he came on.
For a small venue I expected him to not put on much of a show but it was fantastic.
He sounded and looked amazing.
I cried, I screamed, I cried and I screamed some more. Thankfully when I cried no-one noticed except....
He went off stage to get changed and on 3 screens there were home videos of Junior, Harvey and Princess. It was quite quiet in the room at this point, no music, just the odd giggly sounds from the video playing and the odd girl screaming "I love you Peter!" And then of course...there was me...I grabbed my camera and started filming the stage, I was doing well at holding it together but had become too emotional at seeing the videos of his children especially with him being separated from their mother now and being on even more limited time than before, I could just imagine how emotional it must be for him to see the videos when he is away from them.
Anyway, I digress.
I started filming the stage and then all of a sudden my cry decided it couldn't remain hidden anymore. Not only did my tears decide to fall but my voice decided to make a loud noise which caused those near me to turn and look at me. I had no control over it and was so embarrassed!
I had to stop filming. You can hear me say on the video "oh no, now I'm crying". It was very funny. (probably had to be there though)

I was so glad I got to go to this concert as even now I wouldn't want to go to the 02 or Wembley.
It really was a dream come true.