Hair {Flashback Friday} {F}

 Back in 2006 we had our second visit to Tenerife.
We absolutely love the island so jumped at the chance to visit with my husbands dad and partner (back when they liked me)
We love everything about the island and are especially fond of the "lookylooky" men and the ladies who hound you as you walk past "hello pretty lady. You want your hair braided?"
We'd always ignored these women but this time we said YES!

We went to the market and a gang of women surrounded me and started braiding my hair. They were getting funny re payment and asked for more money. My husbands "step-mum" told them no and they were going to then stop doing my hair. The step-mum carried on saying no and they accepted this and finished my hair but one of the ladies kept digging her knee into my back quite aggressively.
I looked in the mirror and thought it looked fab. It was easy maintainance as I didn't have to worry about styling it, lack of hair straighteners etc.

Now, when I look back, I think what on earth was I thinking! It looks awful.

NEVER again.

F for A-Z blogger challenge. Flashback Friday.

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