Harry at 9 Months. {H}

On Thursday our newest family member turned 9 months old.
I can't quite believe where those 9 months have gone. Although at the same time it seems weird that its only been 9 months, as it feels like Harry has always been part of the family.

Harry is an absolute pro at crawling. In fact I don't think I've ever seen a baby crawl so fast. He grabs everything. Literally, everything. You think something is well out of reach but no, he has super go-go-gadget arms which means he's able to reach anything.
He's also been standing for around 2-3 weeks and again is a pro. He is a bit of a show off and will stand, just balancing again your leg/the sofa using one hand to balance himself and wave at you whilst pulling an extremely cheeky face.

Last week he's started to walk along using Charles ride on car as a walking aid. This is quite difficult with our wooden floors but his balance and control is amazing so we predict he'll walk early like Charles did.

He's very close to his brother but let's him know when he needs his own space and doesn't want to be cuddled or kissed.
He constantly wants to play with Charles' toys, in particular his Brio trainset, which does cause problems.

I'm still breastfeeding him and he's also on solids although doesn't have regular meals due to not being in a routine.
Sometimes he's not interested in food and other times he could eat and adult sized portion of food!
His favourite food seems to be mash potato.
He puts everything into his mouth and regularly eats/chokes on paper. It seems to be his favourite thing to hunt out and stick in his mouth to eat.

He loves bath time with his big brother and they have splashing competitions.
They also have screaming competitions, in a "happy noise" kind of way, and sometimes its hard to know which one of them is making the noise as they sound so similar.

He copies noises I make and says dada, i-da (hiya) and heerrrroooo (hello) Sometimes says nana and mama.
He had 6 teeth at 6 months and now has more coming.

We are still co-sleeping although he starts the night with an hour or so in the travel cot then comes in with me.

He is yet to laugh at anyone other than his brother, daddy or me. Although he constantly smiles and everyone comments on how happy and content he is.

Harry is an amazing little boy and the perfect addition to our family.

H for the a-z blogger challenge. Harry.

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