Imagination {I}

When I woke up this morning I was given important information from my husband and Charles. I was no longer simply known as mummy. I was now "Mummy Snail".
Charles was "Charlie Snail", my husband was "Daddy Snail" and Harry was "Mister Harry Snail"

I lost count of how many different people Charles was today.
Charlie Snail.
The Shapes [from Mister Maker]
Mister Maker
Mrs Goggins
Buzz Lightyear. (Daddy was Woody and I was Mr Potato Head...charming!)
A Bridge!
A Towel Nosed Alien.
A Cat.

At this stage his imagination is going wild. Normally I'd "blame" Show Me Show Me and give them credit for influencing him but I can't remember the last time we watched an episode as he's SO into Mister Maker.

Sometimes I can't keep up with what's going on in his head.
Today, for example, there was apparently a bunny, a cat and a bear outside. They had two bananas NOT five bananas.

And on Sunday the "Towel Nosed Alien" had arrived in his spaceship and had taken Charles away. The Towel Nosed Alien is identical to Charles but has a bigger bum.
I asked the Towel Nosed Alien if he could go and find Charles, which he did, but he squished him in his hand.
I asked if he could please make Charles big again, but he made him too big so he was like a giant. He then made him smaller, but accidentally made him too small so we couldn't find him.

Charles also regularly plays at being a hairdresser, going to school, being a waiter, going to the doctors and his favourite one is going to the shops.
He's also recently become a daddy for the first time.
Since he had his new digger for the garden he also plays at being a farmer and uses my pegs as vegetables.

Sometimes I can't keep up so goodness knows how I'll cope when there's two of them at it!

I for the a-z blogger challenge. Imagination.

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