Is It Wrong To Kiss? {K}

Is it wrong for young boys to kiss?
Not a full on snoggy kiss. But a peck goodbye?

I've never discouraged Charles from kissing anyone. He used to kiss his friend Milo goodbye but they have now stopped and will instead hug or just do a huge, over-exaggerated wave in each others faces.
Charles will though, most of the time, kiss his friend Grace goodbye.

He's also very affectionate with his brother, and sometimes kisses him far too much. Not a problem of course, as one day they won't want to do that kind of thing I guess.

At Harry's Christening two of the toddler guests, who had only really socialised for the first time, kissed each other goodbye. They were two boys.
Although this was OBVIOUSLY innocent as they are JUST small boys, there was a hint of disgust in the air from one of the fathers as he looked away and his face went red with anger. The women in the room all "awww'ed".
When I quizzed him he said he didn't want his son to be gay.
Why does him kissing another child mean he will be gay? They are only young after all and it has nothing to do with being sexual or sexuality. It's a simple greeting or leaving gesture.

I am quite an affectionate person and would happily cuddle my husband, sons, dad, mum, brother, nan in public. At my wedding someone took a photo of me giving my dad a kiss.
When going through my wedding album someone said 'ewwww'. When I asked why they stated that the fact I was kissing my dad on the lips was horrid.
It was a simple peck. Not a snog. And he is my dad. Where is the problem?

I certainly want the boys to be affectionate with me when they are older and not embarressed to kiss me hello or goodbye.

I find that, as a culture, we tend to have an odd relationship with kissing or affection as a whole.
One thing I love about France and other foreign countries is there openness and the fact that saying hello, or goodbye, normally involves 2 or 3 kisses.
In my experience in this country, depending on your class I suppose, kissing is either a form of flirting, cheating, or an indication that you are gay.
I would love to be able to greet my 'girlfriends' with a kiss as they walk in the door. They would however be mortified.
I would like to be able to greet their boyfriends and husband with a kiss as they come round but I would be flirting or inappropriate.

I wish we could be a little more open and affectionate rather than so 'enclosed' and sometimes 'stand offish'.

Maybe I should move to France?
Mwah. Mwah.

K for the a-z blogger challenge. Kiss. Kissing.
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