It's Good To Talk {T}

 I've just got back from a date night with my husband. Its our 7 year wedding anniversary so we got a babysitter round (in the form of my mum) and decided to go out for food.
We've finished 2 bottles of sparkling rose wine, with a whiskey/baileys after and had a walk home.

What I didn't expect was the conversation.
I was worried that we wouldn't know what to talk about but the whole night the conversation just flowed.
We talked about the boys, families, babies, houses, holidays, Harrys birth, radio, life in general.

I really feel that in the three and a half/four hours we were out that we reconnected somehow.
I've said before how important I think date nights are and due to having a new baby and life being so busy we haven't managed a date night for a while so night was amazing.
It made me realise just how important date nights are to a relationship.

At night we sit on the sofas, television on, phones in hand, Harry asleep on or next to me and we barely talk.
Tonight we had no distractions.
We talked about things we've talked about a million times before.
We talked about things we've never talked about before.
But importantly, we talked.
We reconnected.
We were ourselves, rather than mummy/wife/nurse/chef/daddy/husband/breadwinner etc.

I have my therapy session tomorrow morning where I'll do even more talking but tonight was a welcome distraction to that and a lovely few hours to relax and enjoy a wonderful mans company.

T for the a-z blogger challenge. Talking.

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