A Mans...and My...Best Friend {D}

They say pets are part of the family, and this was so true of Bruno. After my dad left we decided to get a dog. After our two family dogs had died my dad said we couldn't have any more, but as he was gone we thought 'right! Let's do this!'

We searched rescue homes and heard about a Boxer who was rescued and was currently being trained because of possible behavioural problems. His history was that he'd bitten, or snapped at, a child so the family got rid of him.
I was nervous because I'd had a bad experience with a boxer when I was little. Walking through town I felt hands on my shoulders, I assumed it was my mum or my brother but after turn my head I was face to face with a boxer. This boxer had jumped on me and his owner did nothing about it. The boxer wasn't being viscious, but he could've done. That moment totally put me off boxer dogs so it was a big thing to then decide to go and rescue one.

Well, once we saw Bruno we fell in love. He was gorgeous. We spent the afternoon getting to know him. We were being tested as well as him. If the trainer felt we couldn't cope or look after him and meet his needs then we couldn't have him. We got on great and ended up taking him home.

I wanted this to be a post about all the things we did together but I can't see the words I'm typing through my tears. We had so many good times. He was the softest dog. Such an amazing personality. He was really part of the family. Everyone who met him fell in love with him.

We went to a Norfolk Boxer Rescue event once and they made all the dogs wait in their cars until Bruno was in because they expected him to be trouble. He ended up winning 'best behaved dog' as he just sat the whole time watching. Even when another dog snapped at him he just ignored it and didn't react.

We went to a local river and taught him to swim. We had to carry him deep into the water because he wouldn't swim out, then one of us would encourage him back onto land.

Every morning he would come to my bedroom, lay on my bed next to me, lay one of his legs over me, almost like he was cuddling me, and would go to sleep. He was so reliable and a real best friend.

Sadly, he didn't live to be an old dog. He had a few lumps which we had to have cut off and examined and one result came back as cancerous. He then had a scan on his whole body and the vets found his insides were covered in tumours.
My mum had to make a big decision. Pay thousands of pounds to put him through treatment, put him through the stress of the treatment plus the stress of going to the vets, or, well, you know. She chose the latter. It was the fairest option.
I lived away at the time and had no idea that this was going on. My mum knew how much it would break my heart. My husband came home from work one day and said he had something to tell me.
I immediately said "its Bruno isn't it?" I don't know how I knew but I just did. He nodded and I collapsed in tears. I eventually pulled it together and phoned my mum.

It was hard whenever I went to her house because I still expected him to be there. He was only 6 when he died. Still to this day I miss him so much. I still find it hard to look at photos of him although it is easier than it used to be.

D for the A-Z blogger challenge. Dog. Death.

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