My Best Friend Called Music {M}

I was having a conversation in the car with my husband recently about music.
We were specifically talking about how certain songs make you feel, how listening to them can take you back 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years ago and you feel exactly like you did back then.
This can be in a negative or positive way.

Timbaland and Nelly Furtado Promiscuous came on the radio and I turned it up and was singing along.
It put an instant smile on my face.
It reminded me of a rubbish time, during my last job which was horrid. I had 4 songs on my phone which I would play in my lunch break or anytime I was alone in the office...either doing paperwork or cashing up, or just hiding away...and these songs seemed to make me feel better.
They picked my mood up for the 3-5 minutes that they were on and took me to a happy place, despite the fact I was in a horrible place.

* Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake: Give It To Me.
* Timbaland, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake: Ayo Technology
* Timbaland and Kerry Hilson: The Way I Are
* Axwell: Watch The Sunrise

After thinking about it I realised I have a few songs that have helped me through hard times, or potential tough times in my life.

Vuelve by Ricky Martin. Helped me through puberty and a broken heart. Although any Ricky Martin song reminds me of this time and helps me even now when I feel a bit down will instantly pick me up.
In fact Latin songs in general seem to be a common genre of music to take me away from everything. When I first got into Latin music I was in a good place in my life. Everything was perfect. I felt good about myself. And so the music always seems to ignite these feelings. DLG: Magdalena Mi Amor is one of my top favourites.

Jessica Simpson With You and In This Skin reminds me of when I first left home. I've always been a Jessica Simpson fan and was [am still] obsessed with the Newlyweds series. When I first moved away I couldn't get a job for a while so my time was taken up mostly by watching Newlyweds...not that I'm complaining.

Peter Andre, Call The Doctor and Behind Closed Doors reminds me of when I was a new mummy for the first time. And of course reminds me of when I saw him in concert.

Two other songs which I can listen to and instantly close me off to the rest of the world for the duration of the songs are
Chicane feat Tom Jones: Stoned In Love and D.Kay & Epsilon- Barcelona. These songs just make my heart beat and flutter and I can't help but dance along with my eyes closed, locked in the moment.

Ellie Goulding just takes me off into a floaty pretty world. I saw her in concert in 2010, I'd only recently found out I was pregnant. The concert was amazing. Totally amazing. Her voice totally blew me away and I am in awe of her talent.
Starry Eyed was always my favourite and for a long time I loved the song and didn't know the name of it or the singer, it was a mystery, then somehow I found out.

Simply Red, Steps and Daniel Bedingfield have all helped me in my life too.

And the main band who helped me when I moved away, when I felt lonely and a bit lost at times, was....The Darkness.
From my home town. Again their songs just hit me, right in my heart, and give me butterflies. I'm not a rocker at all but they make me want to play air guitar and air drums and throw my hair around.

I guess the most recent song to pick up my mood is Olly Murs Heart Skips a Beat. Not just for the music, beat and his beautiful voice, but because it was a song Charles and I went through a stage of dancing to everyday.

Finally, I can't mention music and how it makes me feel without mentioning Black Lace: Superman and Brigada Bum: Chu Chu Ua.
Superman reminds me of holidays when I was little, as well as Agadoo of course, and now they remind me of our very last minute holiday to Lanzarote last year. This is where we were introduced to Chu Chu Ua.
These past two weeks we have had a 'mini disco' in our lounge at least once a day. I find the songs on YouTube then Charles and I dance to them.
Certainly is a mood picker upper.

Look at my list of songs above...you can't say I don't have a variety of tastes in music!

I love that any time I am having a hard time its sometimes something as simple as putting on a certain song or album that can put things into perspective or take you away and totally change your feelings, without having to hassle or involve anyone else.
Music really can be your best friend- reliable, trustworthy and always there.

M for the a-z blogger challenge. Music. Mood.

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