My Week That Was {3}

I have been so busy with the posts for the April A-Z Challenge that I lost my way with 'My Week That Was'. I love this link up hosted by Katie at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three and nosing at what everyone else has been up to.

Monday: Today was my seven year wedding anniversary. This morning the boys played nicely together which was fab and I took the opportunity to make some cheese scones whilst Harry was having a break from hanging off my legs.
We had lunch then there was a knock at the door. My husband had ordered me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary. I then took the boys to the zoo for a couple of hours. Harry slept the majority of the time and woke up as we were about to go on the playground. As we were basically the only people in the whole zoo and the playground was empty I took advantage of this and put both boys in the swings (normally you'd have to keep one free for other children! Etiquette!)
That evening I went out with my husband to a pub that had recently been refurbished. There was a beautiful view over the River Waveney, it would've been even nicer had the weather been better and there have been a gorgeous sunset but I was pleased nevertheless.
Our meal was beautiful and we decided to risk walking home, the rain had stopped thankfully.

Tuesday: This morning I had my therapy session then when I came home I got the boys ready and we popped to the local petrol station to grab some sandwiches and drinks. The weather was pants but we went and sat in a secluded car park overlooking the sandy beach and sea.
We then went to a baby and toddler group for the first time. I was so nervous but as I went in realised I knew 2 of the mums there and also made another friend who is oddly similar to me with regards to parenting styles! We all had great fun and hope to go again.

Wednesday: Sainsburys delivered my weekly shop this morning and I made cheese and chive scones.
We had to go to hospital in the afternoon for Charles' eye appointment and as he did so well this time I took him to the shops after we'd dropped my husband back home. We bought lots of sweets & went to McDonalds to get a cheeky chocolate milkshake and sat by the seaside again, just in the car as it was stupidly wet and windy.
We soon came home and played. Charles explored his 1001 Thomas Sticker book which I'd bought him previously to encourage him to be good at his eye appointment. They have to do a lot of tests and any toddler would get bored and frustrated, which Charles normally does, but with the promise of the sticker book and sweets he was amazing and did us proud.

Thursday: My mum came round to look after Harry for an hour whilst I took Charles to Jo Jingles. Both boys had been poorly for a couple of weeks and both were getting worse so when we got back I took them to the doctors. Both were diagnosed with chest infections.
The afternoon involved being on sick watch. Harry had been awfully sick a couple of times, and Charles was too. Charles ended up waking up at 10.30 and after trying to settle him back in his own bed we brought his mattress into the spare room. (where I co-sleep with Harry every night) This was adorable as when Harry saw Charles on the bed on the floor he was so excited and launched himself out of my arms and was just laughing in Charles' face for 15 minutes. I ended up basically pinning Harry down and forcing him to sleep. Charles was asleep by 11.30 but it took me an hour more to get Harry to settle. Charles ended up in bed with us at 1.30 which was cramped but so sweet waking up and seeing both boys cuddling.

Friday: Boring day of cuddles and being on sick watch.

Saturday: My mum came to babysit the boys and I went to the hairdressers to get my highlights sorted (10-1) We were supposed to go and get Harry his first pair of shoes but he was extremely sick and slept on me all afternoon.
In total this day I changed my clothes 5 times.

Sunday: So now I am poorly, as is my husband, and we are all feeling pretty tired, well except for Charles who seems to never rest.
I was getting fed up with doing nothing so we all popped to Matalan to get some bits we needed for our friends wedding next week (shirt, cardigan, headband, waistcoat for Harry)
As soon as we got in I made us a roast dinner and we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
In the middle of watching it Charles announced "I need an Oompa Loompa" which sent us into fits of laughter. Apparently he needs one to play trains with.
I thought today would end up a sick-fest as Harry had already brought up loads by 7.40(am) but thankfully it ended up clear! Wooo!

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