Obstacles {O}

 Up until now I've found parenting quite easy. I've been able to be quite laid back and most things go over my head. Not in a 'I don't care' kind of way but more of 'its just a phase' way.

We face obstacles everyday. Some bigger than others.
Teething, growth spurts, illness, injections.
All things that I have been able to deal with and totally forget about after.

But at the moment things seem to be getting so big and almost uncontrollable.
I guess I'm feeling like this more so tonight because I'm tired and poorly. Harry is also poorly and for 3 days we've been playing 'throw-up roulette' as he coughs and the majority of the time I end up covered in sick. I don't mind. It's in the job description.

Behaviour obsticales seem to be the worst at the moment.
Now I never ever moan about my children. I've never done so on Facebook.
I never indicate anything about bad behaviour.
But now I have no choice.
I need to know this is normal and I need to know how to cope.

Almost everything is a battle with Charles.
Dinner time. We now end up either sending him to bed with an almost empty tummy or having to spoon feed him.
Tidy up time. Normally resulting in a tantrum and toys being thrown/pushed around everywhere.
Him listening/hearing what I'm saying. Having to tell him things 3 or 4 times.
Hitting/chasing the cat. I *need* her to let him know he can't do that but she just runs off and sulks. She is so scared of him now and hides all day until he has gone to bed.

Everything is obviously 10 times harder because whilst I'm having to now return to watching his every move as if he was a newborn baby, I'm also having to keep an eye on our very fast moving crawling/cruising baby AND keeping the house in order. The latter has totally gone down hill recently to the point that I can't see myself ever getting it organised.

I've never before dreaded days but every morning I just think 'oh god! What's coming today?'
Today started great, we'd been playing, play fighting, dancing, being acrobats, but around 2 o clock it went downhill and this different boy turned up. Its like Charles goes and this difficult boy turns up.

Wednesdays seem to be the worst as Charles goes to a childminders from 8 until 12 and when he comes home his behaviour is all over the place. This is part of the reason he has his last day there tomorrow.

My patience wears think some days and I find myself getting very angry.
What I hate the most about this is that Harry see's me like that and I don't want him to think badly of me.

I need this to be a phase Charles is going through and not a permanent behaviour trait.
I need to get past this obstacle and onto the next one! One which I can handle a lot easier.

O for the a-z blogger challenge. Obstacles.

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