Print, Points, Props and Photography {P}

I've always loved photography but in January 2010, after taking a ridiculous amount of photos of Charles and everything we'd done for the past 6 months, and the photos of my pregnancy, things stepped up a level.
My husband bought me a DSLR after realising my passion but I also loved seeing the results I could get from a simple point and shoot compact camera.
Photography helped create a kind of therapy with my anxiety at the time and was able to eliminate bad feelings by causing a creative distraction.
Taking photos and then editing them made my mind come alive.
Different angles, light, focus, zooming, cropping, effects all played a key part in me getting through this quite difficult time.

I am a lover of animal print and couldn't believe my luck when I saw these shoes cheap in shop.
I hardly had any wear out of them until they broke annoyingly, but I was able to play with them [they made great props] and get these photos.

P for A-Z blogger challenge. Photos. Print. Points. Photography. Picnik. Props. Passion. Play.

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