Real Housewives {R}

I can't quite remember when I was first made aware of the Real Housewives series'.
I know the first ones I watched were Real Housewives of New Jersey and WOW are those women crazy sometimes.
I love reality tv anyway but this was brilliant. Some of the women were lovely and some were...well...not so lovely. The houses were HUGE. And the lifestyles seemed fantastic.

I then found Real Housewives of Orange County and fell in love with it. Again some of the women are lovely and there are a couple who are quite annoying. Again, the houses are amazing, their clothes are fabulous and they all have amazing hair...well Gretchen and Alexis do (note to hairdresser: I want hair as blonde as theirs!!)
Their lifestyle also seems to envious to me, 60% of the time, although I am aware that a lot of it is set up for the cameras.

Of course I'm not envious of the drama, I have enough of that in my own life, but it can make you realise that
1: You aren't alone and that everyone has drama in their lives of some sort.
2: Girls can be so incredibly catty and far too precious/two faced.

When it came to me deciding to write this blog I sat for a while coming up with a list of names...most of which were already taken, then as I sat watching Real Housewives of Orange County I had a lightbulb moment and thus my blog name was born.

Although I am not claiming to have a lifestyle like any of these women.
I don't have a nanny for my boys, I don't go away for girls weekends, I don't have an amazing figure, I don't have regular trips to get botox/other forms of cosmetic surgery, my boobs are real, I don't have amazing hair. (anymore)
I am though a real housewife.
I think most of the housewives who read my blog would have more in common with me than those on RHoOC.
I've never fancied a trip to America before, which most people find shocking, but if I HAD to go I'd visit Orange County and hunt down these women to see if they look as amazing as they do on the show close up...and all the time.

R for the a-z blogger challenge. Real Housewives, Reality.

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