We {W}

 I get frustrated sometimes at people saying how I need "me time" and need to spend time away from the boys.
That I need time away from being a mummy and need to just be Lauren.

I very rarely feel the need to have proper time to myself. As long as I get 5 minutes to get ready in the morning and at bedtime then I'm happy...and of course any opportunity to go to the toilet alone without a baby hanging off my leg and a toddler creating havoc whilst he brushes his teeth and washes his hands.
When I get a couple of hours to myself when I go to the hairdressers I feel totally lost and spend most of my time talking about the boys or looking at photos of them.
I don't feel myself if the boys aren't with me. I guess they are my comfort blanket in a way.

I just don't feel like I need that time away from them. Charles went to a childminder on a Wednesday morning but we recently stopped it and one of the reasons was that I want him with me.

Its very cliché but we definitely come as a package and they do make me feel whole.
Being without them, I just don't feel myself....because I'm not.

W for the a-z blogger challenge. We.

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