Zoo vs Park {Z}

I've mentioned many times how much we love the zoo. We visit almost every week, sometimes for just one hour.
For my birthday last year I put some of my birthday money towards a season ticket so we could visit whenever we wanted to.
I then had my concerns that it would lose its appeal, for me and for the boys.
*sarcastic tone* "Oh Wow, another Lion!"
*sarcastic tone* "Wow! A Rhino!"

So I came up with a plan.
* Some days we turn left once we come through the entrance.
* Some days we turn right.
* Some days we'll only see the Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes and Big Ducka (Ostrich) and other days we'll only go and see the monkeys.
* Some days we will just go to do the stamp trail and not bother so much with seeing the animals.
* Some days we'll only go for the playground.

I hate going to the park. I'll only go to the park if I'm with someone else.
I'm worried about bumping into people from school, I'm worried about big children picking on the boys, I'm worried about dodging dog mess, I'm worried about condoms, glass, needles, beer cans.
I'm worried about one of the boys hurting themselves and me not being able to deal with it because I have the other one to watch too.

I feel secure at the zoo.
Ok I might bump into someone from school and there could be bullies BUT its big enough for me to walk elsewhere, to walk away. The park isn't.
I know there won't be dog mess, condoms, needles, glass and beer cans.
And I know that if anything happened to the boys that there are members of staff around to help and there's a first aid room.

Then there's the issue of if anything happened to me. I know that someone would find me. That there would be people to help. That the boys could go find someone.
That might not be the case at the park.

Then there is the fact that the zoo is educational AND fun. Everytime we go we learn something new. We use our imaginations.

And despite my concerns we are definitely not getting bored of seeing the animals.
We visited last week and I had one of those moments that take your breath away when we walked into the Giraffe house. There were 5 Giraffe in there and I was mesmerised by their different markings, the way they slowly glided around the room, with one walking over so close that I could almost touch it (like I have done before...shhh)
Last week we also got closer to a Rhino than ever before. Charles normally claims that these are his favourite animal and that he would like to cuddle one. As we went into the Rhino House to see if there were any indoors, one Rhino came walking right up to the bars. I was literally a centimetre away and had I been brave (and stupid?!) enough, could have touched his horns. I wasn't brave (or stupid) enough. And neither was Charles, who proceeded to scream the place down and shout that "the Rhino is going to get you mummy! Don't let him get me mummy!"
The Rhino walked off to do a wee, which apparently was very funny, especially as it ends up standing in its wee. Only then he decided to come back over and be really close to us again. Queue Charles' screaming again.

I love that zoo. I feel comfortable there and safe. Unlike at the park.
The zoo has everything.

Z for the a-z blogger challenge. Zoo.
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