Big Foot? He's Off The Scale!

As I write this I'm feeling a bit angry and confused. You may, at the end of this, think I'm overreacting but when it comes to customer service and products concerning my children I am allowed to feel this way.

Harry has been cruising for a while now. He's super fast and will pull himself up on anything and walk along anything.
Charles was the same age as Harry is now when he first walked. We think it won't be long until Harry walks as he's trying to stand unaided a lot and will walk perfectly if guided by us.

So with this in mind, and a wedding to go to on Sunday, we decided to look into getting him his first pair of cruising shoes. Charles wore his for a long time after first walking so we definitely wanted some for Harry.
We were out in the car last week and I popped into Brantano, with Harry, to get his feet measured and check out the styles they had in stock.
"3G" the women said, "or a 3.5G"
Ok. I was fine with that. Charles was a 3F and as Harry is bigger than him it made sense that his feet were going to be slightly chunkier.
We tried some shoes on him and they looked perfect. He only sat on my lap and she didn't make him stand up at all.
I didn't have money with me at the time but said I'd pop back another day to purchase them.
then I remembered about the photo Clarks take of your baby with their first pair of shoes.

So today we made a special trip into town to visit Clarks.
The lady measured Harrys feet.
"Oooooo 3H. Actually, hmmmm, they're tipping off the scale really. He's more like a 3I. Yes. 3I"
"Wow! So that's big right?" I replied.
"Yes. We don't do shoes for a 3I. I'll see what we've got in an H and we'll try those"
Off she went to the stockroom and came back with some cute blue shoes with a dinosaur on the side.
We tried them on him and she immediately said that his foot didn't fit. Once I'd pointed out that he's [obviously] curled his toes up she rearranged his foot. I stood him up against the stools and he looked very pleased with himself. I had to turn him round to face the shop assistant and Harry immediately crouched down to play with these new toys on his feet.
"They are too small" she told me. "His feet are off the scale" I lost count of how many times she said that, I started to wonder if it was a dare by another member of staff.
She then went on to show me that they were too small around the top (which actually I couldn't make out as it just looked like sock bagginess rather than skin chubb but ok, she's the expert. To be fair, the leather shoe looked like it was stretching a bit.
"We could try a size up, the 3 and a half, but I don't want to sell you a size up. I also don't want to sell you a 3H" she told me.
"Oh, ok. So what am I going to do?"
"I don't know" she replied.
"I really wanted him to have shoes for this wedding. Not only that, with him cruising around he may stand on something sharp. Don't you sell any kind of soft slipper which is quite big and may fit?"
"No we don't, maybe go get some socks? Slipper socks?"

Now don't get me wrong. The member of staff was being helpful to an extent. But I felt a bit put off at not having any options. Harrys feet aren't abnormally fat.
Ok he's a chunky baby but not the CHUNKYEST baby. There are plenty of babies heavier and rounder than him. What do they do?

"Come back when he's walking. His feet may have changed shape then and we'll be able to sort him out with a pair of shoes".

I accept that maybe my son has wide feet.
I came home, a bit deflated to be honest, and Googled "wide babies shoes" and nothing. Nothing in a 3i.

I know he's not walking just yet but I want to be able to go somewhere and him be able to cruise around in his shoes, not in his socks.

How can two places get the measurements so different.
3G and 3I are quite a difference.
One telling me they'd send him away in a 3.5G and one telling me they refuse to sell me any shoes is quite a difference.

I will be making a trip to another Clarks store to see what they measure him at. I'm hoping its smaller than an I because if it is an I...then I'm stuffed! If he stays an I for a while then he'll never have shoes!

Other mums must go through this often as, like I said, Harry isn't abnormally large. How can there not be any shoes that go up to an I? Especially if it features on the shoe measurement apparatus?
Why would they go up to an I if I isn't available in any shoe?
Surely they'd just stop at H?

AND how can Harry measure at an I when Charles only measures at an F? There's two years difference, Charles walks and has done for 2 years and one month, and clearly has wider feet than Harry. (I squished the soles of their feet next to each other)
Unless if sizes work differently for babies and toddlers? I don't know!

I'm now searching Start Rite as a friend suggested and again, nothing.
The widest is an H.

I'm not complaining specifically about Clarks. But someone has got it wrong here.
Either the Clarks lady or Brantano lady.
And who else got it wrong? Their head office and design team, for not making shoes up to an I.

I'm now going to toddle off and start my business plan and design some shoes for other big footed babies!
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