Boys Occasion Fashion

When we recieved an invite through for a friends wedding we were super excited. Having a small amount of friends we rarely get invited to such an event so we were honoured to be invited.
At first we were told the boys weren't invited and then were told that they actually were invited and there was a mistake with the invitations.
So, I then had the added excitement of dressing the boys for such an occasion.

My excitement soon turned to stress when I couldn't work out what to dress the boys in.
Suits? Maybe. But I didn't want them to look overdressed and didn't want to spend £25+ on an outfit they were likely to wear once.
During a trip to Matalan I happened to find a waistcoat, pinstripe shirt and tie set in the sale. The waistcoat and pinstripe was black with a dark grey tie so I knew I could put these with a pair of suit trousers, which I thought I had at home. I wasn't quite aware of how small the trousers now were and how tiny Charles was when he last wore them so they were no longer considered. 
When I buy something for a wedding or christening I like to pick something that can be worn again. 
For example: my dress for the wedding will also be worn for Harry's naming day as well as celebrations for the boys birthdays, on hot days in the summer and on holiday.
The outfits for the boys had to follow the same rules of when to be used again.

When my brother was home I noticed the perfect item for Charles' wardrobe. THE item he needed to blend well with his shirt, waistcoat and tie. THE item that will make him look smart but not OTT.

I ordered a couple, not knowing which colour would suit him or go perfectly with his waistcoat etc. 
He's an odd side as his waist is tiny yet leg length is almost spot on for his age. Waist size is more like a 12-18m/18-24m but leg length is 2-3y. We settled on the 2-3y beige chinos and he looked very smart.

Then came the stress of shoes! In my head I pictured him wearing boat shoes. I found the perfect pair in Next. 
Beige, black and white. 
Size 7 was huge and 6 was too small. Damn.
Again, I wanted to buy shoes which he would wear again and which would obviously last a while so I decided to head to Clarks. 
There I found the ultimate perfect pair.
As soon as he tried them on I knew they would go well with his chinos and other items. 
He ended up looking smart, with a hint of two-year-old-coolness. 

Matalan Shirt and Waistcoat Set £8-£10

Next Carrot Fit Chinos. £9-£10.
Clarks Harklin Hi. Denim Blue Leather. From £36. Size 7 and above.
During a different trip to Matalan I found a super cute tshirt and turquoise cotton waistcoat set. We already had a shirt at home for Harry to wear so I was specifically looking for a waistcoat or tanktop, or plan b being a cute cardigan.
He was due to wear a smart pair of blue pinstripe trousers, but thankfully I checked them a couple of days before the wedding and realised that although the length was perfect, they were far too restrictive around the thighs/bottom and unwearable if he wanted to crawl or cruise around.
So a last minute trip to Next was in order and I picked up a pair of very comfortable but smart looking tan chinos!
Finished off with an adorable pair of cruising shoes he looked just as smart as his big brother.

Both outfits are totally practical for a similar occasion. We're also going to dress them in these outfits for their birthdays, Harrys naming day and other birthday parties in the next couple of months.

I couldn't have been a prouder mummy.
We had lots of comments about how smart both boys looked which made me feel amazing and very proud.

Saurus Boy. Clarks. £24.
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