We've been really lucky so far in that the boys seem to really adore each other. They have the odd day where Charles will have a problem sharing or will be a bit too full on and heavy handed with Harry.
Harry gets his own back but grabbing Charles' food, drinks and ruining his well made Brio track which can really upset Charles.

The majority of the time though, as I said, they adore each other. Every morning they go straight to see each other, its almost like they missed the other one in the 12(ish) hours that they were apart.

Charles has really taken to being a big brother and will protect Harry, help him if he is gagging on food, wash him in the bath, get him toys, sing to him and tell me if Harry has something in his mouth. If he hears Harry is crying he'll ask me if he is ok because he's concerned.
This morning they both stood on the sofa and Charles was telling Harry about how the rain was helping the flowers and tree's to grow.

One of my favourite moments recently was when Charles helped me to get Harry to sleep.
I was feeding Harry and Charles was sat next to me. Normally Harry will look into my eyes but he just stared at Charles, he wouldn't take his eyes off him. Charles was then stroking Harrys hair and shhh'ed him, as I still fed him, and Harry drifted to sleep.

Long may moments like that continue.

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