Double Figures {10 Months}

Harry is 10 months old today. I honestly can't believe how quickly those 10 months have gone. I'm pretty certain it didn't go this quickly with Charles.

I can't believe how I ever thought I couldn't love two children. Now I look back and think it was crazy of me to think like that.

Its very odd when your second child comes along. At least in my case it has been.
When you have your first child its like a total whirlwind.
All of a sudden there's this little person wanting your attention 24/7. Your whole life kind of stops and is just consumed by this little tiny piece of you.
Everyone wants to see you. Your phone is not stop ringing or bleeping with a text with someone wanting to see you/the baby, asking if you need anything or asking how the baby is.

Then you have your second.
And life just kind of continues.
There's no whirlwind.
No phone ringing or texts.
Because you've done it all before. People expect you are doing fine and almost seem not bothered about the new baby.
As I said, this is in my experience.
I've been shocked at certain family members complete ignorance at Harrys arrival.
With Charles they were all over us.
Since Harry has been here they've "seen" him 3 times. Each of those times have been really short....not to mention someone else who has seen him only twice again both times were extremely short) and shunned his Christening.

As a result of this I feel like I've had to put a lot more love, attention etc into Harry than I did with Charles.
I guess what we've experienced is almost similar to "middle child syndrome".
Not that I mind of course. I love him with all my heart and have to realise that its the other people who are missing out, not him.

I'm really trying to soak in every moment right now. Trying to remember everything he's doing, the butterflies I feel when he cuddles into me, the way my heart flutters when he says 'mama' and the way he laughs and screams as he chases me around a room.
The early days were hard because of the birth trauma, which is annoying because the newborn days are my favourite, and when I look back its all quite hazy.

Everyday I'm looking at photos from July, August, September, trying to ignite memories and happy feelings so that the good times aren't forgotten and lost amongst the hurt and pain I felt for what could have happened if the birth had gone wrong.

Harry totally belongs with our family and has slotted in perfectly. He's honestly such an amazing baby boy and I couldn't imagine life without him.

He is a real mummy's boy which I adore!
Knowing that I am his favourite person and that he loves me just makes those early days not matter. I wish I could remember more but its now that matters.

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