The First Time {Flashback Friday} {Video}

When I was in labour with Harry I was hoping it would be as quick as with Charles.
I went into hospital at around 12/1 o clock and expected to be home that evening, if not mid afternoon.
That was not that case.
We ended up leaving the hospital at 11.30am the next day, rushing home so my mum could go to work. She had been looking after Charles for us.
It was the longest time Charles and I had been apart and in almost 3 years is the only night we've ever been apart.
I couldn't wait for him to meet his baby brother. I'd spoken to him on the phone when he woke up and told him his brother was here and no longer in mummys tummy.
He even said "well done mummy".

On the way home I decided I wanted to record the boys meeting for the first time.
I rushed to the house, although was met halfway outside by Charles but ushered him inside as I didn't want their first meeting to be on our driveway!
As he cuddled me and we kissed I set my camera to record and in came daddy with Charles' brand new baby brother.