Moment in Time {See It, Snap It, Love It}

I was super excited when I was told I got "photo of the week" on Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy's 'See It Snap It Love It, Reflection' link up.
It meant I got to choose the theme for this week and I was stuck with a few words and eventually decided on "Moment in Time".
Now I sit here with a blank head wondering what I meant by that. Where did I want the theme to go....for me of course...it's all about interpretation.

I feel guilty if I choose a photo of one boy and not the other and again this time have chosen a photo of Charles. It's not favouritsm I promise.

This was taken in June/July 2010. I'd just passed my driving test so was able to just go off whenever I wanted to whereever I wanted (if we had enough Diesel in the car that is!)
The first few weeks mostly consisted of numerous trips to the beach. We had glorious weather and it was lovely to spend just an hour or so down there with Charles in the morning/afternoon.

I want to build up the confidence to take both boys to the beach one day soon. It's obviously harder with two but with Charles' new found fear of the sea I am confident that he won't run in there without me! It's just trying to build sandcastles with him and writing his name in the sand whilst I stop Harry from creating his own lunch time meal consisting of sand, seaweed, driftwood with a side of stones that I have to contend with.
I WILL do it though.
I'll do it because looking at this photo reminds me of a Moment in Time that I felt confident, happy and freedom.

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