Party {Flashback Friday}

Before we had Charles we would regularly have bbq's throughout the summer. The bbq's would either be just the two of us or our parents.
Our garden is a reasonable size to entertain, ok it's not huge but its not small either so it's nice to take advantage of it when we can.
We had a bbq for my 23rd birthday and then, 8 months later, we had a "Before the Baby Comes Garden Party".
It simply consisted of getting people together before Charles came along. A sort of baby shower but without being so formal I suppose. We didn't expect people to bring gifts but some did which was lovely.

I set up a table of cold food (pasta, coleslaw) and there was a variety of drinks. It was just nice to sit around together and chat.

Before our final guests left we took advantage of the balloons I had blown up for a different friends little girl.
I didn't realise my face was so puffy until afterwards but at least I had an excuse. I was also having a bad hair day.
 These are two photos from the party and of me and my fellow "pregnant guests".

I'm linking this up to Flashback Friday. This week's theme, as chosen by Emma, is "party".