Secret Bunker {Flashback Friday}

When Charles was born and the first year of his life we seemed to do a lot. Most weekends and bank holidays we'd be doing something and having days out.
Since last year we don't do this as much and I don't know why.
The weather is partly to blame as most things require time outside.
One place we visited in 2010 was a "secret bunker" in Essex.
I found it hilarious on the way there as there are the brown tourist signs pointing you towards the "secret bunker".
This day out was mostly to keep my husband happy, although I enjoyed it and found it interesting, it really did creep me out.
It's not really built for pushchairs so we used our Connecta to transport Charles around.
After this we did a random Google search to see what was in the area and found Jimmys Farm (we weren't aware of the tv programme!) which we loved!

I hope the weather picks up again soon so we can have more days like this!