A Special Relationship 200 Miles Apart

I love it if Charles ever mentions my brother, his Uncle.
The reason for this is that my brother lives approximately 200 miles away.
I talk about my brother to Charles but not too regularly because I wanted to avoid questions of "where is Uncle Dale?". Mainly because it gets me upset.
BUT I always wanted to keep my brother fresh in Charles' mind so that whenever we do see him its not like Charles is meeting with a stranger.

Thankfully I haven't had to do anything. Somehow their relationship is really strong despite the distance, despite never talking on the phone etc.
Charles has worked out himself that my brother lives far away. He says every now and again "Uncle Dale lives too far away" which is really sweet.
He involved my brother in things when we are playing. "this one is mummy, this one is daddy, this one is Harry, this one is Uncle Dale", almost as if they see each other everyday.
He got in his Little Tikes car on Sunday and announced that he was going to see Uncle Dale.
It makes my heart melt.

I would love it if my brother lived closer, of course I would, but I'm glad that his relationship with Charles is strong despite the 200 miles distance between them.
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