Waiting {Flashback Friday}

Back in September 2008 I left work with a skip in my step. I had a week off, which was amazing in itself as I worked in hell, but not only did I have a week off...I was spending that week cruising around the Mediterranean with my husband.
I had been on two cruises previously, my husband hadn't been on any and had always said he'd never go on one.
I clearly got my own way.
The cruise was amazing. We visited some beautiful places. My favourite being St Tropez. I feel so lucky to have gone there, and to have visited Uber Beautiful Barcelona.
We also really enjoyed Corsica. Infact the last time I swam in the sea was in Corsica. It was amazing.
My husband had a cold so whilst in Corsica we had to hunt for medicine in the Pharmacies. Not easy when we didn't know what to look for or ask for.
We had upgraded to a 'honeymoon package' for a few extra pounds and were treated like royalty. Although it wasn't our honeymoon we had decided that we would treat it as a second honeymoon. Our actual honeymoon was at Disneyland Paris and was rainy, busy and we were less than impressed with the hotel room. This was our second chance.

We got to sit at the Captains table at Dinner. I was sat next to the Captain (well, the 2nd Captain) and were sat on a VIP table for the show that night and given free drinks.
We were given flowers, champagne and chocolates in our room.
And one day we were greeted with a letter asking if we'd like to join the Captain in the bridge and watch as we sailed into Port at Corsica.
We obviously agreed and it was an amazing experience. I will never forget it.
And one night on this cruise we made a baby.
After a year of waiting it finally happened and so started our 9 months waiting to meet the baby we'd created.
Waiting to get off the plane.
Waiting to leave Palma and set sail.

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