Charles' Guide to Riding a Bike. Part One.

I'm Charles.
For my birthday I got a Thomas bike from Mummy and Daddy. Yay! Harry got me a Thomas helmet. It also has James and Percy on it, it does.
I love my bike. So far I've just played with it indoors. Daddy asked if I wanted it in the garden but I said no. I don't want it to get dirty. I like to sit and watch the TV on my Thomas bike. I also got a Thomas bottle and bottle holder. Daddy put the bottle holder on my bike. I now need water/juice/milkshake in this cup at all times, even if I don't plan on drinking it.
It was Fathers Day yesterday. We went out for some minarni and then we went in the mummy new car to the windmill, which Mister Maker made, and went for a walk.
Daddy got my big big bike out of the boot and Mr Harry Snail went in his pushchair because he's too little to walk properly.
I can't ride my bike properly yet. I did try and pedal but my legs kept going the wrong way, mummy and daddy said.
Instead daddy showed me how to brake.
He put me at the top of some slopes and made me roll down and practise hitting the brake.
I almost hit into Mr Harry Snail and the pushchair. Mummy put the pushchair there because just behind where she is standing is the sea and some big rocks. There is a small barrier which would stop me but it was safer to crash into the pushchair. I wasn't going too fast anyway and daddy was there to catch me.
I can steer a little bit too. I did almost steer off the curb a couple of times. It was a little bit funny but if I did steer off the curb I would have almost fallen in the sea and got wet.
That's why its best that you learn to brake before pedalling.
I had fun on my bike. I am very clever at braking. Look, look.

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